General Lab Training & Forms

SRC Biology Laboratory Safety Training & Lab Access Request for New Lab Members 

New Lab members are required to take online and in-person training to get access to the lab. If you are a new student/employee/volunteer working in a Lab, please follow the instructions below. Card access to the labs is only provided to students registered at TWU. However, each training is still required for non-registered lab members.


You will receive an email when the process is complete to let you know you have access to your lab.

Cold Room General Guidelines

General rules:

The air inside this room is continuously circulated with no exhausted air, therefore: 

The cold room is a shared space - keep it clean and organized. Please get in touch with PI, Lab Supervisor (940-898-2211), or Facilities Management (940-898-3131) if you see any problem with the cold room. 

More Information About Lab Rules

Click on the link below to download our Cold Room General Guidelines document