Lab Services

Glass Disposal Guidelines

If you have any broken glass or glass trash to get rid of, make sure to follow the glass disposal procedure rules from EH&S and fill out the form below.

Chemical Waste Disposal Guidelines

If you have any chemical, I, sharp containers, ethidium bromide, or acrylamide, that needs to be discarded, make sure to follow the Chemical Waste Disposal Procedure from EH&S  and fill out the form below.

Compress Gas Rules

For more information, check the EH&S website.

General use: 

Empty tanks: 

Label the empty tank as “empty”, put the cap back on, and move it to the storage cage (1st floor SRC).


Use a tilt-back cylinder hand truck (dolly) to carry the gas tank from the storage location to your lab.


If the tank is leaking and it is safe to do so, turn off the valve.

Even inert gases can be hazardous in poorly ventilated areas and cause asphyxiation due to oxygen displacement. Notify PI and/or EH&S (940-898-4001 ext. 5) right away.

- Evacuate the building.

- Notify DPS (940-898-2911) and EH&S (940-898-4001 ext. 5) right away!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact EH&S at 940-898-4001 ext. 3

Pipette Calibration

This service is only for TWU students and employees. If you need your pipettes to be recalibrated, no problem, we have you covered. Contact Mr. Isaiah Walton to schedule a time to recalibrate your pipettes.

Please, if you have not done it yet, enter the number of pipettes you have in your labs using the Pipette Log Info link.