Pioneer Instruments for Research

 Check our building: Scientific Research Commons (SRC) 

Image of the front of the SRC building
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At Texas Woman's University, we believe knowledge should be available to all. As a result, our faculty and staff cultivate an environment that emphasizes learning and academic excellence.

Over the years, our Biology Department has acquired high-tech instruments to develop great research projects and teach exciting different courses like the research methods lab. In 2020, we moved to a new top-notch research building (Sciences Research Commons) where our students and staff can use all our high-tech equipment like several confocal microscopes, Intuvo-9000 Mass Spectrometry (Agilent), MiSeq, IncuCyte (Sartorius), Flow Cytometer (Beckman), and many more. Many of these instruments are used to teach our Professional Science Master (PSM) graduate students how to work in a lab environment. Visit our webpage and learn more about our equipment.

Two students looking at a plate inside a laboratory
Three students working in a laboratory research together